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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 7, 2010 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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keeps spewing out the b.p. bullet points to minimize the damage because he doesn't have the character to own up to what's really going on and going down in the gulf. he's doing everything he can to make it easy for his oil buddies, instead of fighting for the people of mississippi. barbour thinks the real threat to his state is me. earlier this week he said "some in the media keeps forcing this on the public as the equivalent of the exxon valdez. well, the difference is quite enormous." really? the only thing enormous is his ignorance to the situation right now. the valdez spilled a finite amount aftof oil. the leak in the gulf is coming from an enormous, well, that nobody knows exactly how much is going to be coming out. the media isn't your problem, haley. your problem, mr. barbour, is
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oil. if you weren't so beho hoelhold the big oil companies you'd understand the mess on our hands down in the gulf. haley barbour has made a living protecting the oil industry. in 1991 he founded the most powerful lobbying firm in washington, d.c., and you got it, he represented big oil. maybe that's part of the reason while haley and his buddy, rush limbaugh, want you to believe the spill isn't really that big of a deal. >> we'll take care of this on its own if it was left alone and it was left out there. it's natural. natural ocean water is. places devastated by oil slicks, where was the place when the guy was drunk, ran a boat -- prince william sounds. they were wiping off the rocks with dawn dish water detergent and paper towels. the place is pristine now. >> oh, the place is pristine now. good show preb there, rush.
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either limbaugh is a flat-out liar or college dropout we always thought he was. limbaugh isn't worried about the facts. he makes a living defending the drill, baby, drill crowd. the drugster needs the right wing network to minimize this entire crisis. the leak is anything but small. heck, it might even outdo the valdez and total spill gallons by the time this whole thing is over. this just in, the associated press reports that the 100-ton dome to divert the oil is now in place. but there's still a lot of work to be done in order to get the spill under control. this is the best news we've had so far. b.p. deserves some credit for getting that done, but will. stop it? now, let's get to the money. because it is really all about the money. congress can't let b.p. write a check for $10 billion then just let everybody go home and be happy with the way things are. nobody has any idea how much
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ecological and financial damage this leak is going to cost. so i'm really arguing, and the argument should be unlimited liability. members of the congress are starting to wake up to this. here's speaker nancy pelosi. >> this bill can do great ecological damage to the gulf states and, of course, it effects fishery industry, tourism and the rest in this $10 billion goes a long way to addressing that. depending how much incidents are involved in these particular spills it can be more than one $10 billion liability. you'll be hearing about that as the committees take that up. >> well, in my opinion the speaker, the president and the rest of the congress needs to stop all this talk about $10 billion. it's going to be a lot more than that. b.p. and transocean need to make the people of the gulf coast whole again with some guarantees.
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nothing short of that would be good enough. the other thing democrats need to do is start fighting big oil. right wing talking points, rush limbaugh, haley barbour, they're all out there. they have no clue what they're talking about on this. they're just protecting big oil. they have a history of doing that. the bottom line in all of this, folks, i think this is up to you and me. we're the ones that really control this mop-up. we have to put a lot of pressure on the senate. we need to put a lot of pressure on the house members to make sure they follow through. that there is no time left unturned. and we all have to realize that $10 billion to the oil industry is chump change. let's start at maybe $500 billion and go up from there, but for some reason those in the congress are afraid to use the term "unlimited." it's nothing for us to go ahead and put $33 billion to the war in afghanistan and, say, well it cost $33 billion. and that's the end of it.
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but here we can see what's happening onshore. we can see people potentially losing their family business. we can put a pencil to that. i want to know how they came to this calculation of $10 billion. who did the math on this? let's see. you've got texas, you've got louisiana, you've got mississippi, you've got alabama and florida. oh, everybody gets $2 billion for the mop-up? is that how's going to work? have they checked with tourism, with the tax commissioners office to see what receipts are coming in? to arbitrarily take a $so billion figure out of the sky and say this is what the liability limit is going to be for incident, i'm telling you it doesn't go far enough. get your cell phones out, folks. i want to know what you think about this. tonight's text survey question is, do you believe conservatives are minimizing the damage in the gulf to protect bill oil? text a for yes, b for no to
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622639. i'll bring you the results later on in the program. joining me now, maryland congressman elijah cummings, heads up the committee maritime transport. >> it's good to be with you, ed. >> i want your response on the dome. that's the latest news moments ago that it's in place. how hopeful are you this is really going to be the ticket to stopping all of this leaking? >> ed, i am praying that the dome does work. because we've got to stop this leak, and you are absolutely right, this is -- i don't know where -- what planet rush limbaugh is operating from, but this -- this leak -- these leaks spewing out 5,000 barrels of oil a day is no light matter. b.p. and transocean are going to
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be eventually be responsible. in the meantime the congress i think has to do everything we can to clean this mess up and working with b.p. and even if we have to get reimbursed by b.p., the key is to save those jobs, to save our environment. this is our watch, ed. this is our watch. it's our duty to address this issue. effectively. >> congressman, are you willing to say tonight that we just can't put a dollar figure on the cleanup? i really think that that's what the folks in the gulf really deserve to hear, that we really don't know what this is going to cost and b.p. better be ready for that, transocean and the other companies down there better be ready for that. are you willing to go down that road? >> no doubt about it. we've been -- being the head of the coast guard and hearing from them on a daily basis, i know that it is truly a mess down there. and i don't even know how you compensate, ed, for all of the loss of life, the various species, the tourism, the
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fishermen who are watching us right now who are not -- can't even figure out how they're going to make it over the next month. we have got to do everything we can. this is our watch, and so, yes, i think the liability is unlimited. and i think b.p. needs to be prepared to pay and to pay up to the nth degree. whatever it takes to clean the mess. >> you head the subcommittee for the coast guard. we're not hearing much about the coast guard. what are they doing? how are they doing? are they doing everything they can do? >> they're doing absolutely everything they can do. from the very beginning, on the 20th of april, they were on the spot. of course, if you'll remember early on they were in a rescue mode trying to rescue the 11 folks who sad lly parished. then they were surveying the scene constantly and around the 24th i think it was they began to first notice the leaks and then later they discovered even
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more and they've been working very diligently. >> have they done all they can do? >> all that they can do and they continue to do it. they continue to do it, ed, rye right now they're doing it. i'm very confident of that. the coast guard is one of our best-kept secrets. they are our line of defense at sea, and they're doing a great job. they just have to continue to do what they're doing. >> congressman, i commend you. you're the first one i've heard saying we can't put a price tag on this. i appreciate your attitude. americans need to hear that. i appreciate your leadership tonight. thanks so much. >> thank you, ed. thank you. >> you bet. joining us now, louie miller, he's the mississippi director of the sierra club. he's in biloxi, mississippi, and that beautiful water is behind him tonight. and that oil is not far offshore. it hasn't hit mississippi, but it has hit louisiana. mr. miller, what are we looking at right now? some positive news.
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the dome has been placed over the leak. what do you think? >> well, i hope it works, ed, but i want third-party confirmation that it's working, obviously, because b.p.'s credibility as far as i'm concerned is in the toilet. >> in the toilet, why? i mean, they've got the dome on there tonight. i need you to tell us exactly what you think they've done wrong after the spill. >> well, just about everything. it's been a -- our concern at this point in time, ed, is that hoping this will go away, which seems to be governor barbour's contingency plan, is not a contingency plan. you know, we're facing a situation down here, and we're just sitting back saying, well, we hope it will miss us. that is not a contingency plan that anybody in the state wants to subscribe to. you know, the governor's saying, hey, we don't want to panic
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people. you know, these people of the gulf coast are resilient, hardworking people. they've gone through hurricane camille, they've gone through hurricane katrina. you know, we don't panic down here, but we do prepare, and right now we're not seeing the kind of action that we need as far as preparedness goes. we've been out there. the booms are not there. we know for a fwakt fact that chandelier island has now been hit. it is the mecca for sport fishing. the mecca for sport fishing. and there's oil all over the place. you know, that -- if they will sacrifice chandelier island, the mississippi coast is just around the corner. >> okay. so you think that haley barbour is doing a disservice, not only in his reaction to this in responding to this, but he is misleading the public in trying to minimize this? you believe that? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, the press conference
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yesterday was deplorable, and in which he said, you know, don't worry, be happy, this thing is probably going to miss us. oil comes up through the floor. you know, all the rush limbaugh/b.p. talking points. yeah, we heard them yesterday. that's unacceptable. it's unacceptable to the public. on this gulf coast, the shrimping industry, fishing industry, tourism industry, gaming industry all depend on a clean environment, and this is the economic engine of the state of mississippi, and right now we're in the bull's-eye of where this spill is headed. >> mr. miller, good to have you with us tonight. keep up the fight. i appreciate your time so much. good luck to you. >> thank you so much for keeping on top of this. >> we will do that, my friend. thank you. coming up, eric cantor's righty think tank? well, it sunk. after failing to produce, no surprise here, one good idea in a year, they've thrown in the towel. i'll get rapid fire reaction to
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that at the bottom of the hour. and john mccain's fallen so far off this maverick rocker the gigs at princeton have made a science project out of it. of course, the beckster races his way into the zone. and "daily show" creator lizz winstead, "club ed tonight." we're never gonna cath anything. [ female announcer ] sometimes, you can get so much out of so little. woohoo! especially when it comes to charmin ultra soft. it's so soft and absorbent, you can use 7 sheets versus 28.
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welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. got to give credit to vice president joe biden, couple of weeks ago he made a bold prediction at a fund-raiser in pittsburgh. he said the economy would create as many as 200,000 jobs in april. of course, the vice president got kicked around for that comment. robert gibbs tried to back away from it, saying that the vice president was overly optimistic. well, today, we learned that vice president biden actually didn't go far enough. the economy created 290,000 jobs in april. that is the best month for job creation we have seen in this country in four years. righties, what do you think an that? for more on this, let's bring in peter morici, the economist, and professor at the university of maryland. i like the numbers. let's give credit where credit is due. professor, you predicted this a couple of months ago. what are we seeing?
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are we out of the recession completely now? and do you think this is going to continue? >> we are out of the recession. we're creating jobs. we're creating just about all over the place. there's still a few weak spots but by in large this is an across the board recovery. manufacturing, nonresidential construction, a lot of the service sectors, and we're going to see more of this. we're going to see steady jobs creation. now, we're not going to see the kinds of job creation we'd like to coming out of a derecession so we get the unemployment rate down. it's a beginning. the stimulus package has helped. now we can move beyond that. the energy policy, trade policy with china. let's get that stuff straightened out so we can get up to 5,000, 6,000, 7,000. >> is this the stimulus package working? >> oh, the stimulus package is part of the puzzle. it certainly is working. only a fool would say it didn't play a role. the private sector on its own, though, is recovering and only a fool would say that's not playing a role. it's everybody hands together.
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>> this is the president talking about the unemployment numbers, which did go up just a little bit. here's his response. >> the unemployment rate ticked up slightly from 9.7 to 9.9, given the strength of these job numbers this may seem contradictory but this increase is largely a reflection of the fact that workers who dropped out of the workforce entirely are now seeing jobs again and are now seeking jobs again. encouraged by better prospects. >> professor, is the president correct on that? is it just people coming out looking for jobs after not doing that? what do you think? >> he's mark-on. exactly what's happening. folks that were discouraged before are seeing a brighter future so they're getting out there, think they can find a job. so it's not necessarily bad news when the unemployment rate goes up. you know, if it's because people that were discouraged before are reentering the economy, it means that things are getting better in a tangible way that we can't
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easily measure. >> peter, when you take a look at the graph, and we have seen an increase. we were, you know, losing, you know, 500,000, 6 h,000 jobs a year ago this time. we turned that around. what if we had stopped the stimulus package, we had become fiscally responsible right now. do we need to finish with the stimulus package in your opinion? >> we need to finish the stimulus package. the patient has gotten out of bed but it still needs support from the nurses under his elbows to back down the hall before he gets robust again. the stimulus package i'm hoping this year will help construction get going and next year as we reach capacity that we'll start to build new capacity. we'll get more business investment, more structures built. things of that nature. we'll get residential construction going again in 2011. so a stimulus phases out, those aspents of the private spects
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start to pick up steam. >> peter morici. thanks for having you with us. unemployment at 9.9%, still lower than when ronald reagan was president. coming up, the same guy who said president obama has a deep-seeded hatred of white people, is talking race. again. and he's taking it to a whole new level. i'm going to school him in the "zone" in just a minute. ♪ [ dog barks ] [ female announcer ] share your goal at and we'll celebrate you in times square. and to help you take the first step, we've lowered prices on more than 100 helpful everyday products like sunscreen. buy one today and get one half off. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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and in "psycho talk" tonight, the beckster's cranking open the tea party textbook again. the guy who said that president obama has a deep-seeded hatred for white people treated us to some more of his expertise on the history of racism. >> i find it really fascinating that the only time that we have rounded people up and put them in jail for either their skin color or for their points of view, progressive-democrat woodrow wilson, progressive democrat theodore -- i mean franklin roosevelt, the most racist people to ever live in america were the progress ifs. really radical. awful. awful. racist people. >> really, glen? you want to talk about rounding people up? your hero, thomas jefferson, got the ball rolling on the idea of indian removal, which ultimately led to the trail of tears where
6:26 pm
more than 40,000 native americans were rounded up and forced to leave their homeland. thousands of them died on the way. was that progressive? and then there's that little group known as the kkk. there's a lot of words i could use to describe those folks. progressive is not one of them. glenn beck, continuing his smear campaign against progressives, by calling them the most racist people in history is simply "psycho talk." coming up, this guy isn't afraid to tell it like it is. congressman john garamendi, making a move to permanently ban offshore drilling on the west coast and he'll drill the righties because they don't want to do that. plus, the senate proves they are owned by the banks. eric cantor runs out of ideas, and "daily show" co-creator lizz winstead hits michael steele right where it hurts. [ male announcer ] professionals need to perform
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